Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Past Weekend

We drove to Milwaukee.  Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park was our destination.  Ben biked.  Ellie, Doug and I toured the city and did some site seeing.
Ben's third visit to Ray's.
Waiting for his turn at the foam pit.
Searching for Thrift Stores.
Interesting mural.  Is it finished...?
Strolling the streets.
We visited a local hardware store.
Awesome looking bridge.
Visited Milwaukee's Art Museum.
I was amazed that I could get this picture without any people in it!
The three of us on the ledge.
Theater doorway.
Watching the wings open on the big screen.
Great orange sculpture.
 Knitting bag.
Doing some sock knitting on the way home.
Ooops.  Our mailbox got a little beat up while we were gone.