Friday, April 26, 2013

Diaper Wet Bag With Instructions

Making wet bags for the cloth diapers Ellie and Isaac will be using when the baby arrives.
Below are the the instructions and some hints that I learned along the way.
 So far I have made one small and two medium.  I used the above measurements with the addition of one inch for 1/2" seam allowance.  
 Cut two of fabric and two of plastic.  I used a shower curtain from Ikea for the plastic liner.
 Sandwich the zipper between right side of one fabric piece and one plastic liner.
 Using a zipper foot sew together.  Repeat for other side.
 I did some google-searching for helpful-hints to making sewing on plastic easier.  I tried this one using baby powder.
 I used my sewing machine dusting brush to "dust" the plastic with the powder.

 It was helpful, but definitely didn't eliminate the frustration.
I continued with this "dusting" method until I noticed that just simply slowing my speed seemed to do the trick.  No more grabbing.  So I set my machine to slow, and I didn't encounter any more problems.
Topstitch next to the zipper.  This keeps the plastic and fabric from getting caught in the zipper when opening and closing the bag.
 Open zipper half-way.
 With wrong-sides facing you, right-sides together, align zipper and pin.
 Sew along three sides, leaving bottom edge of the plastic liner open.
 Trim both zipper ends.

 Open bottom edge and pull right-side out.
 Continue pulling through the half-open zipper.
 When completely pulled through, sew bottom edge closed.
 Now "stuff" the plastic liner inside the bag.

 And there you have it, a finished wet bag that can be used for diapers or whatever wet items you may have, swimwear, etc.
 This is the leftover fabric from the baby's nursery curtains.
So cute.  I love the theme of think green and that this bag will be used for cloth diapers.  So appropriate!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bluefin Bay. Day 3.

Heading home.
Two Harbors.
More ice.
 Still so in love after all these years...awwww.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bluefin Bay. Day 2.

Hiking at Cascade River.
 Yes, that is open water behind Doug.  Yikes!
 Beautiful day.  Perfect for a nice walk up along the river.

 Hiking on the frozen river.
Exploring Grand Marais shoreline.

 All bundled up for the wintry day.
A beautiful sun-reflected piece of ice.
 Grand Marais Pier covered solid with ice.
 Cozy lunch spot at Chez Jude, Grand Marais.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bluefin Bay Weekend. Day 1.

Doug's boss gifted us with a weekend and meals to Bluefin Bay in appreciation for Doug's twenty-five years of service.
 Stillwater Lift Bridge.
 There was a snowstorm the day we left.
Driving through Stillwater.
Heading north.
The drive was a little tense.
 Stopped in Duluth for lunch.
 Our wonderful accommodations.
 Bluefin Bay.
The ice was pretty neat.