Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bedroom Redo Pt. 1

So, our plan was to update our bedroom.  I suggested that painting our closet would be nice too.  It had never been painted, only primed, so was looking a little worn.  Painting the closet involved taking out everything, including the clothes rods and shelves.  Well, as long as we are dismantling the entire closet why not give it a makeover, and so the transformation beings.
First, some before pictures:

Next phase how to accomplish this makeover on a shoestring budget.  Well, we decided a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore in New Richmond was in order.  We browsed the store trying to come up with alternative materials for shelving.  When we spotted bi-fold doors we decided they might work and then we found these gems, lots of them, tall and a great deal at $5 a piece!  Sold!  So we took home the whole stack of them.  Well, actually, we had to make two trips because they all didn't fit in the Suburban the first trip.
Now, figuring out how we use the closet and what configuration we wanted.  After lots of googling images and searching Pinterest we came up with a plan.  We knew that we wanted it to feel more open, have a place for our shoes, and lots of cubbies for our folded clothing.
Doug and Jake spent lots of time in the garage cutting and building the shelves and cubbyholes.

After all of Doug's hard work, ingenuity and creativity we have a great looking and very useful closet.

We like that you can still see where the hinges were from the old doors.

Purchasing all white hangers definitely gives the space uniformity and a neater appearance.
We left enough room under the shelf for two laundry baskets for our needs-to-be-washed clothes.

Plenty of shelf space for our shoes

and a very nice place for my boots.

We installed an Ikea chandelier just for fun and a neat contrast.

We were growing tired of the brass hardware so we removed all the doorknobs and spray-painted with Rust-Oleums Hammered Dark Bronze.

I really like the update.

So now that the closet is complete, onto the rest of the bedroom.
Let's go!