Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sewing Cabinet.

Time to clean-out and organize my sewing cabinet.

I didn't think about taking pictures until I had emptied the whole thing out.  So no before photos, just empty photos.

 I found this bounty of thread at Goodwill and it was the impetus for cleaning-out the cabinet. I needed to find space to put all those gorgeous spools of thread.
 Everything sorted out, now to put away.
 All organized by color.  This will make it so much easier to locate what I need.

 Ahhh...that's so much better.
Doug made this cabinet for me for our tenth wedding anniversary and left this sweet love note.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bedroom Redo. The Finishing Touches.

New curtains from Ikea go well with the bed comforter and the color scheme.  They add lightness to the room.
I like the happy pattern.
While dropping off items at Smith Sales we wandered around and found this beauty.  The portrait is HUGE with a very ornate frame.  We anxiously awaited the auction day, which was a couple weeks away, and furiously bid away.  We won the auction (yeah!) and brought her home.
I think the colors will go very well with our new look.  The painting definitely is out of our normal decorating choices, but we thought it would be the finishing touch to the decor.
So, I held my breath as the boys hung her up...
and we think it looks fabulous!!  What a fun and unique find.

A view looking towards the screen porch.  I would still like to figure out a curtain for that door.
Scooties is really enjoying the new blanket :)
Looking toward the bathroom and hallway.
Doug's dresser and t.v.  During the summer we hope to work on the dressers, either clean them up or refinish them.
Still need to mount t.v. on the wall.  Just haven't figured out where on the wall and if we will be able to see the backside of the t.v.  We don't like to see that when we enter the room.

Last project for the room was to move Henri out of our room.  I tried several weeks ago for about a week.  She did not approve, and cried every morning from the living room, sure that I had forgotten about her.  Much to Doug's disappointment, she is back living in our bedroom.  She is such a baby!
But I do love her :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bedroom Redo. Ceiling Fan.

We decided that our ceiling fan needed a transformation too.

Doug spray painted the hardware the same color as the door hardware and the blades a clean white.

Ben helped with the re-assembly.

And hanging the fan.


It looks so much cleaner and less-bulky-like now.
I like it much better now.

Bedroom Redo. Bedside Tables.

We found these two metal cabinets at the Habit for Humanity Restore in New Richmond.  

They were a dull gray; now a happy, vibrant green.
We paid twenty-bucks-a-piece.  Can you say Bargain!

We sold our old nightstands for $130 at Smith Sales. 
Table lamps from Ikea.
They look great with the new wood tops Doug made for them.

I found these light plates at the Restore and thought they would make great trinket trays for our tables.  They threw them in for FREE!
Searching for a "plug" for the center hole.
Finished product.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bedroom Redo. Painting

This is the magazine page I carried around with me while we did our shopping. I liked this particular color combination because I thought that they would go well with our wine-colored carpet.
This is the wall color.
I thought it was pretty close to our current color, but after applying the first coat, discovered it was a lot different than I had expected.
I found a navy-blue quilt at Sam's Club last year, so that is where we used the blue accent. 
Savannah Moss (or a near-match) was used on our new nightstands.
Jamaican Dream will be used in the pillowcases.

Here is a look at the old and new wall colors.  Definitely a BIG change.
Getting there...
Always takes more time than you think.
It took us about three weeks to finish this project.  We sure appreciated having a guest room downstairs.  It would have been 10x as more difficult if we had to work around all of our stuff, e.g. the bed.
Almost done...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bedroom Redo. The Before.

Items on our to-do list:
1.  Remove grape-vine.
2.  Freshen up with a new paint color.
3.  Paint all door hardware.
4.  Spray paint ceiling fan.
5.  New curtains.
6.  New bed covering.
7.  New piece(s) of artwork or some sort of collection of items for wall decoration.
8.  New bedside tables.
9.  New lamps.
10.  Stretch out carpet.
11.  Move Henrietta (and her kennel) out of the bedroom.
12.  Remove carpet and install wood floors sometime in the future.
13.  Rejuvenate or refinish dressers.