Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who, Who was in the Coop?

I took Cooper out to go potty Saturday evening, Dec. 19, and heard a ruckus in the chicken coop.  They are not usually awake at this time of the night, so I decided I better figure out what was causing such a disturbance so I could tell Doug to take care of it.  I peaked in the window, I know better then to open the door to the unexpected, and glanced at the floor.  Didn't see anything out of the ordinary, so I banged on the door.  Nothing.  Searched the floor again, looked up, to see what I thought was one of our chickens roosting, but turned out I was looking straight into the eyes of this owl.  Boy, was I surprised.  So, I went in to get Doug and Ben.  Doug took some pictures, and then gently used a broom to encourage him to leave.  Before his departure though, he enjoyed a nice chicken dinner :)

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