Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday's Walk Through the Garden

After a high of 103 on Tuesday were are closing the week with a chilly 60 degrees.

Front gardens are filled out and the weeds are tall and healthy :)

Garden art created by Ben.

We are almost finished laying down newspapers/cardboard/straw on the garden.

We will be snacking on kale soon.

Fire truck petunia bed.

Zucchinis have sprouted.

Bush beans are up.

Strawberry season is on its way.

Hello Miss Mary.

My constant companion and best buddy.

The tomatoes got a head start.  Doug bought these at Farm and Home.

Plenty of milkweed for the monarchs.

Tiny hairs of bunching green onions are emerging.

The gardens are well underway this week, with the intense heat earlier in the week, really made the seeds sprout.  Pumpkins and squash we planted Sunday were poking out of their hills by Wednesday.

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