Friday, March 15, 2013

Bedroom Redo. Painting

This is the magazine page I carried around with me while we did our shopping. I liked this particular color combination because I thought that they would go well with our wine-colored carpet.
This is the wall color.
I thought it was pretty close to our current color, but after applying the first coat, discovered it was a lot different than I had expected.
I found a navy-blue quilt at Sam's Club last year, so that is where we used the blue accent. 
Savannah Moss (or a near-match) was used on our new nightstands.
Jamaican Dream will be used in the pillowcases.

Here is a look at the old and new wall colors.  Definitely a BIG change.
Getting there...
Always takes more time than you think.
It took us about three weeks to finish this project.  We sure appreciated having a guest room downstairs.  It would have been 10x as more difficult if we had to work around all of our stuff, e.g. the bed.
Almost done...

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