Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Snowfall

We got hit with a nasty snowfall last night.  Over a foot of snow, broken tree limbs, power outage for a few hours and lots of trees down.  We know what we are going to be doing this weekend, cleanup!

 My poor clothesline got hit.
 Lots of trees down in the goat pen.

 Henri did not like this deep, heavy, wet snow.  She just got her haircut on Tuesday.  She was cold!
 Ben's truck
and his bike.
This scene changed shortly after I took this picture, we lost another huge branch on top of the playhouse/shed. 

 Jake of course, loved the snow, but he still has all his hair!

 Lots of loss for this big old tree.
 Poor birch tree.

It sure was pretty, but I still refused to don the snowshoes in May! No Way! I'm all out of good attitude winter, time for spring please!

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