Friday, May 7, 2010

Anniversary Paitning Project

We are celebrating our 24th Wedding Anniversary by working on a painting project. Woot! Woot! How exciting is that!  Well, for Doug and I, it is pretty darn exciting, let me tell you.  We built our home over ten years ago now, so it is in need of some freshening up.  So we decided to dig out some paint I bought, oh maybe three to four years ago, and get to work.  Here is the color we are going to use.  Hopefully we like it after we get it on the wall.

This is the wall we are starting with.  We decided that this would be a good wall to add a "burst" of color to, and we think the color will really make the map stand out.

The wall continues down into the family room, so we decided that we would paint the same color in this area too.


If we like it (the color) enough, we will continue through the downstairs hallway and the north wall of the family room, but that will be a project for another weekend.  For now, we are concentrating on the stair area, so we can finish in one weekend.

 Let the prep work begin!

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