Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Garden Walk. Grand Marais Edition

Our campsite in the Grand Marais Municipal Campground.  Because it is city owned it was not closed because of the government shut down in Minnesota.

Cooper's new ride.  Doug rigged up this milk crate on the back of his bike so Cooper wouldn't miss out when we biked around town.

Ben biking on the way out to the pier.  Not the best thing for a mother to watch :-)

View of the harbor and Grand Marais from the pier.

Daisies.  It is the weekly "garden" walk after all.

Birch Bark.

Another view of the harbor this time from the shore looking out.  Very chilly and foggy day today.  The fog horns sounded most of the day.  Back home it was in the high 90s on the shore 50s-60s.


We had lunch at the Angry Trout.  Very delicious.  All three of us enjoyed our meals.

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