Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Walk

Poppies are all abloom.  They look great against the clear blue summer sky.

We will be overrun with zucchinis soon!

The beans have had a tough start.  Slugs have been attacking my garden.  I have been sprinkling the rows with Diatomaceous earth to combat them.  Seems to be working.  We think the reason we have slugs this year is because this is the first year we don't have chickens.  The chickens must have been keeping the slug population under control.

I picked a handful of black caps this morning.

Orange Daylillies.

The row of radishes is ready.  They have been protecting the tender carrot plants that are just emerging.  I learned that you can eat the radish tops.  Sauteing them and adding to a salad.

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