Monday, January 23, 2012

Bauer Brothers Salvage Family Adventure Day

We planned for a family adventure day to drive to Minneapolis and snoop around for treasures and good stuff at Bauer Brothers Salvage.  We hadn't considered the magnitude of such a business and that it would occupy such a huge amount of space and thus would not be heated!  We were very cold, thus this limited our abilities in hunting and searching for items.  We are definitely planning a return trip when the temperatures are warmer.
So many treasures.
Ben showing off a cool light.
Awesome round door.
This place has anything and everything.
The #3 on this door is so cool.  It would be an interesting door to put into a house.
Three floors plus a basement. 
Light streaming down the elevator shaft.
Didn't know windows could come in so many shapes and styles.
Hand painted number 3 and name graffiti.
Light showing through leaning windows.
Brick stairway with red painted 3rd floor hand-lettering.
Ellie and Isaac in brilliant sunlight.
Rows and rows of windows.

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