Thursday, June 17, 2010

Population 100

Museum tour in Centennial Wy.

The first time I saw one of these sock makers was at Color Crossings in Roberts during the annual spring Creative Drive.  Maybe I could get more than one pair of socks done in a year if I had one of these machines :)


Snowy Range Mountain viewing area.  Poor Cooper, both times we visited she was made to sit on the wall.  I don't think she really appreciates it, especially with the high winds we were experiencing on this particular day.

This one is titled "Just Sit Down!". Doug really didn't care that the snow was cold and wet :)

Who knew that Mom's snacks could turn in to pieces of art.

Our kids are quite creative.

This one is titled "Pick a Rock and Stand on It!"  oh yeah, and thumbs up :)

Why would we let a sign stop us.  Of course, we continued down this road, the sign only intrigues us more.

This is the area we found.

We also found this.

Oh, this is why the road is closed. Just a little  "bump" in the road.  We could have made it through that!

Can't leave home without 'em.